Jello's Chinchilla Neighbourhood (@jellothejerro)


And welcome to my chinchilla neighbourhood, where I document my life and spy on my chinchilla neighbours! My favourite activities are eating, sleeping, and backflipping!

More about Me

I was born on a humble morning of August 24, 2016 — the day my hooman had to take a driving exam >:D

 I am a white mosaic chinchilla, with a gray band at the base of my tail, just like my momma. My momma is Dango, also a white mosaic chinchilla, and my papa is Tapioca, a standard gray chinchilla — my hoomans' first ever rescue chinchilla! I have a lot of friends in my neighbourhood; the most frequently featured are my roomie, Butter, and my baby neighbours, Cookie and Cream.

More about my Hoomans

My hoomans (and occassionally, Queen "DooDoo" Dura) do all the woodworking around our neighbourhood, thats why we all have such stylish and lavish houses!

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